Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


There are now two options when you select the Service Request form.

  1. NEW REQUISITION: This is for new requests & non standard jobs requiring a quote. Once the quote is agreed upon you will then need to supply the INRF with an account before the job can proceed.
  2. REPEAT REQUISITION: This is used for repeat jobs or standard jobs that do not require a quote.


Jake will be holding his weekly User Meeting tomorrow at 1:30 pm in EG rm 3311.

A reminder:

  • Full Time Users: Users that use the lab on a daily/weekly basis. You will have a hanger w/ name-tag, coveralls, hood & shoe covers assigned to you. You are responsible for putting the items in the laundry bag when dirty and checking with the front desk to be issued a new set/item. Do not take the Shared gowns/hoods to replace a dirty gown. Please let the front desk know if you plan on not using the lab on a regular basis so we can make those items available for other users.
  • Part Time Users (Shared Gowns): Users that use the lab on a bi-weekly/monthly basis. We have set up hangers of shared coveralls (sizes are labeled on the hanger). The hoods will be in a bin above the coveralls. Please use the disposable shoes covers. Return the coveralls and hoods to the correct hanger/bin when finished. If you plan on using the lab on a daily/weekly basis, contact the front desk.

As a reminder, Do not use gowns assigned to another staff member or cleanroom user. Do not take the Shared gowns/hoods to replace a Full Time User gown.

Please see Ryan (x-2819) to issue you a new one.

Earthquake Drill Tomorrow!

The INRF will participate in the Great California Shakeout tomorrow at 10:15 AM. This is good practice for users to go through emergency shut down for equipment and safety procedures during an Earthquake. Don’t forget to practice the following tomorrow:

  1. Simulated Equipment Emergency Shutdown/ Safe chemical handling (Review Equipment Emergency Shutdown Procedures)
  2. Exit the facility safely (since this is a drill you may take off your gown)
  3. Find a good location to drop, cover and hold on (once out of the cleanroom)
  4. Meet at the Evacuation Assembly Point (outside between the two Engineering Gateway buildings)

Good Luck!

INRF Staff

Jake will be holding his User Meeting today at 1:30 pm in EG rm 3311.