Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


Jake will be holding his User Meeting tomorrow at 1:30 pm in EG rm 3311

The Inorganic bench is back up. The HF bench is still down until Facilities makes the adjustments to have it re-certified.

The HF bench in BION did not pass the annual inspection and will be down until we get it back to spec. The Inorganic bench has a leaky drain which will need to be repaired. We will make a post once the benches are available again.

The inorganic room will be down due to an acid spill under the bench. Once cleaned we will make a post and open up the room again

From Facilities:

“The failure to the high temp hot water loop to the campus has been repaired. We are currently warming the system to full operating temperature.

All affected systems will be back to normal service by 4:00am on Tuesday, June 16th.”

The INRF and BION will feel extra cold today due to a failure in campus high temp water system. If you think your projects will be effected please hold off intil this is resolved. We do not know when it will be back up. Below is the message from Facilities:

“At 1:30am, June 15, 2015, there was a failure on the high temp hot water loop to the campus. The entire system has been isolated. The systems affected during the shutdown include: building heat, industrial & domestic hot water, and steam generation for cage washers and autoclaves.

We are working to identify the failure and make the necessary repairs to bring the system back in service. We will send updates as information becomes available.”

Facilities will be performing maintenance on exhaust fans 7 & 9 this Saturday from 6am-2pm. The back-up fans should handle load while the maintenance is performed but please pay close attention to warning lights and anything unusual if you are working in the BION during this time.

One of our users lost a wallet this week and believes that it might have been left in one of the cleanrooms. If any of you happen to find it please drop it off at the front desk. Thanks.

We were going through quite a big of nitrogen this weekend so Jake turned off the flow in certain areas. (HF room, Inorganic, parylene room,  ma56, casper, &  hot embossing). If you are working those areas please check before you start your project.

This Friday, Praxair will be connecting a temporary nitrogen tank trailer in order to keep the lines active during Mondays removal/install. This will impact visitor parking in the Calit2 loading lock (the loading dock will still be accessible). Jake will start shutting down most equipment starting Thursday night and then bring them back up once the install is complete. The cleanrooms will remain open during this time.