Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


The BION will be closed this Saturday (02/07).  Facilities is scheduled to make belt replacements and bearing lubrication on all exhaust fans on the roof of Cal IT-2. This will affect the Fume Hoods in cleanroom. If you plan on coming in on Sunday please call Jake on his cell beforehand to make sure everything is operational.

We are looking for users who would be interested in training on the CDO system. This will be offered to users with 24 hour access that would like to use the STS and Trion tools afterhours. Please email us at to schedule training.

Yesterday we had an incident in the BION due to someone placing a nylon wafer cassette in the dehydration oven which set off a smoke detector and caused the fire department to respond.
Users need to pay close attention when placing objects in or on top of the hot plates and ovens. If you have any questions please contact staff. The oven has been tagged out until it can be cleaned.