Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


The INRF Store will now carry:

  • 4″ Single-Sided P-Type Si wafers w/ 1 Micron Thermal Oxide ($35 ea)
  • 4″ Fused Silica Wafers ($20 ea)

The INRF is in the process of getting our Wedge and Ball bonders serviced. The company that is providing the service is also offering training on the tools. Although we do not have a date at this time we would like to hear from those that are interested. Please email us at and let us know what day/time of the week work for you. We will post an update once we have a date set.

The INRF will be closed temporarily due to a smell coming from one of the oven/furnace. Once clear we will open the lab back up.

Due to Facilities Management generator testing this morning the SEM is down. Jake will have a look at it when he arrives. We will post when it is back up.

The INRF & BION will remain open to after hours users however there will be no staff on site.

Facilities will be working on the roof at Calit2 again this Saturday. This will effect the hoods in the BION. We apologize for the inconvenience.

A new training video on the First Nano Furnace (EasyTube 3000 System) has been posted to the INRF website. You can view the video by visiting the videos page at:

You can also view the video directly on YouTube:

You may also visit the INRF Youtube Channel for additional training videos.

INRF Staff