Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


MA-56, MVD100 & Nanoimprinter back up!

Facilities has finished with their work and the BION is now open.

MA-56 is temporarily back up until we receive a switch that is on order. Once we get the part we will have to take it down again to install it.

The BION will be closed tomorrow morning until approximately 8:30 am to allow Facilities to work on the exhaust system.

The HF bench has been certified by TSS so BION rm 1432 (HF Room) is now open for approved users. Thanks for your patience.

Rooms 1402, 1411, 1412 & 1421 are now open.

We are going to keep these rooms closed until we get the all clear from facilities. Sorry about that

Rooms 1402, 1411, 1412 & 1421 are now open.

There is insufficient exhaust in rooms 1402, 1411, 1412 & 1421. Please do not do any processes in these rooms untill this is resolved. Facilities has been notified. Job #:199557 (Facilities contact 4-5444)

This Friday is a holiday and the cleanrooms will be closed. Those with after-hours access will still be able to use the lab but there will be no support staff.

Jake will be on vacation all of next week (7/7 – 7/11) so there will be very limited staff.