Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


HF Bench is still down. We have done all we can do and it is now in Facilities and EH&S’s court. We were hoping it would be done Monday but that looks like it wont happen. We’ll post once we find out more info.

Dicing Saw is back up.

The pump for the Nano imprinter has been sent out for repair and we should be getting that back shortly.

The power supply for the MA-56 is back in but due to various other projects it will be a little while longer before Jake can get that hooked up.


We regret to inform you that today will be Lifeng Zheng’s last day with INRF.

Lifeng began his tenure at INRF as a Post Doc under the direction of Professor Peter Burke and then moved on to a Specialist position in the our cleanrooms. Lifeng has been instrumental in numerous faculty and student research projects and will be greatly missed.

Please join us in wishing Lifeng well in his future endeavors as he pursues further career growth!

The vacuum tube for SU8 spinner in BION is completely blocked by photoresist residues. We will post an update when it is back up.

The HF bench repair is scheduled for Saturday the 21st. That room will remain closed until then.

On Friday, June 13 the INRF front office staff will be participating in an important all-day training workshop for the Kuali Financial System. The office will remain open during that time but remaining staff will not have access to INRF Store or Equipment approvals. Please come by today if you need anything.

All users that utilize our laurel spinners are required to clean up after processing. Jake is now prohibiting the process of using broken wafers for cleaning. The proper procedure is to spray a wipe with acetone and physically clean. For your reference, we have posted a video on the proper way to clean at:

The HF bench in the BiON did not pass certification and has been tagged out. We will have someone come out and adjust the phoenix valve ASAP.  We will post an update as soon as one is available.

TSS is conducting certification of our wet benches in the BiON. Users will not be able to enter the wet area while they are conducting the certification. We anticipate that they will be done today.