Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


The new pump was installed successfully however we needed to order some replacement filters and expect them by mid next week.

A new training video has been posted to the INRF website. This is an introduction video to photolithography.

You can view the video by visiting the videos page at:

You can also view the video directly on YouTube:

Introduction to Photolithography

To skip to any portion of the video, refer to the following chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Laurel Spinner: Logging in & pre-use examination
  3. Laurel Spinner: Loading a sample
  4. Laurel Spinner: Programming the spin speeds & running
  5. Laurel Spinner: Unloading & baking
  6. Laurel Spinner: Clean up after processing
  7. Post spinning procedures
  8. Development of Su-8
  9. Disposal of waste

You may also visit the INRF  Youtube Channel for additional training videos.

INRF Staff

There will be no user meeting today. It will take place at its normal time next week.

We ordered a new pump and we are hoping to have it back up sometime late Thursday.

As you may or may not know, Monday is a holiday so the office and cleanrooms will be closed. After hours users will still have access but there will be no staff.

Jake will be out next Tuesday and Wednesday.

The INRF & BION will be closed tomorrow (Saturday 05/24) due to facilities work being performed on the air handlers.

The initial problem seems to be that the cooling water recirculating pump seems to be not functioning properly. Until Jake gets a chance to take it apart and give a better look the STS will remain down. We will update the Blog once we have word. Please do not ask him as he is very busy.

Carlos will be offering training on the use of the SU8 Laurell Spinner in the BiON Hot Embossing Room. The trainings will be individual for 15 mins each and will take place next Tuesday between 1 – 2:30. Please contact Alana ( to schedule.

The SEM is back up.

We experienced a small power outage this morning so the STS & SEM will be down until Jake can take a look at them. I should have an update this afternoon.