Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


The lamp has arrived and we will be installing it today.


  • Ebeam1
  • Plasmatherm RIE & PECVD
  • STS
  • All Furnaces
  • All of Lithography
  • All Metalization

Note: These have not been benchmarked since the power outage so your results may vary.


  • AB&M UV Flood Exposure System Update (Lamp will be here 2/13/14)
  • Trion (Flow switch ordered and should be here early next week)

We have relocated the Booties and Hairnet boxes to the locker room next to the shoe cleaner. Please put on booties after using the shoe cleaner in the locker room in order to keep the gowning area clean. As always please keep all personal item (jackets, hats, bags…) is this room as well. For a locker please see Ryan in the INRF.


The lamp replacement for the AB&M UV Flood Exposure System will be here this Thursday.

Jake will not be in today so there will be no user meeting this week.

The INRF & BION cleanrooms will be closing down at 4pm this Friday due to the campus wide power shutdown. We expect the labs to be back up late Monday or worst case Tuesday depending on how smoothly everything powers back up. We apologize for any inconvenience.