Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


Room 1411 will be closed today (9/25/13). We are having work done to automate the Laminar Flow Benches. The BION lab will be fully shut down this Saturday (9/28/13) to complete the rest of the facility. Sorry for any inconvenience.


The INRF Air Handler (#7) will be shutdown at 6am on Thursday, 9/26/13, for the entire day and will be back up at the end of the day on 9/26/13.

The INRF cleanroom will remain open, but please know that the temperature and humidity in the cleanroom will be affected and could cause equipment to be out of specifications. The photo area will be most affected, so it’s in your best interest to schedule any photo work tomorrow or Friday.


INRF Staff


For future equipment training or qualification, please begin using the attached new version. It includes the new requirement for qualification to use the wet benches in the BiON and a column for training initials. Old logs will be kept in our records, so re-submitting for tools you are qualified to use is not necessary.

INRF Equipment Training Log 9-18-13

All Card Key Readers in the Calit2 building will be converted to Proximity Card Readers today 9/18/13.
(waiving your card in front of the card reader will gain you access)

Any card with a number sequence from 10000 through 25000 will no longer work in Calit2.
Please contact Gregory Gallardo in Calit2 to have your card key replaced.

As of today we are no longer allowing guests into the INRF/BION cleanrooms due to safety concerns. Users caught bringing in guests will lose their cleanroom access.


Facilities Management has scheduled a high temperature hot water shutdown which will affect most of Engineering.  Shutdown details:

  • Shutdown 5pm, Friday, September 13
  • Service restoration no later than 11:30am, Sunday, September 15
  • Shutdown will affect building heat, industrial hot water and steam generation for cage washers and autoclaves

Engineering spaces affected:

  • Engineering Gateway
  • Engineering Hall
  • Engineering Laboratory Facility
  • Engineering Tower
  • Multipurpose Science & Technology Building
  • Natural Sciences II
  • Rockwell Engineering Center

Occupants may notice cooler than normal building temperatures during the shutdown.

We are excited to announce that three cleanroom users have been appointed this Fall Quarter as Super Users to assist with equipment trainings and maintenance, they are: Dhonam Pemba, Carlos Ruiz, and Enric Grustan Gutierrez. They are currently under training with Jake Hes and it is anticipated that they will begin assisting with equipment trainings in the next few weeks!

Jake plans to be off this coming Monday (9/9/13) therefor the wet etch areas will be closed. Sorry for any inconvenience.


  • The SEM & Dicing Saw are now working.
  • The lamps have been changed on the MA56 & ABMuv and are now back up.


Please check with staff about any changes/upgrades to the tool before you use it.

INRF Staff