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As some of you have noticed, we have started to number the lockers in the BION and INRF outer hallway. Due to lockers being abandoned or used for trash we are going to start keeping track of who is using them. If you are currently using one of these lockers please email Ryan ( and let him know the room and locker # you are using. We will be cutting the locks and removing the contents if we don’t get a response by 3/15/13. We will then be starting on the lockers and cabinets inside the INRF but don’t have a date set at this time. Also please email Ryan if you are in need of a locker either for the BION or INRF and we can try and provide one for you.

INRF Outer Hallway

INRF Staff

The EG west wing freight elevator has been out of service since the beginning of January, due to flooding. Repairs are estimated to begin on March 12 with an estimated completion on March 24.

INRF Staff

It will resume as usual next week.

INRF Staff

“Empowering electronic, sensor, and biomedical devices with microfabrication and metal plating Technologies.”

Dear INRF Users,

The UC Irvine Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility together with a Japanese industry consortium (more than 40 companies) led by the Material Surface Engineering Center at Kanto Gakuin University are jointly hosting an evening presentation and reception event “Empowering electronic, sensor, and biomedical devices with microfabrication and metal plating Technologies.”
Researchers will present and discuss the latest results from studies and research at the intersection of microfabrication technology, and metal plating and polymers sciences that can lead to improved performance in electronics, sensors, and biomedical devices.

The Presentation topics include:

  • Overview of micro/nano technology and its use for electronics¬†and biomedical devices.
  • Surface modification effects on insulating resin by Ultra Violet treatment.
  • Advanced metal plating on varieties of polymers and glass for electronic and biomedical applications.
  • Cyclo Olefin Polymer (COP) for electronic and biomedical¬†applications .

The event will take place this Thursday, February 14 at UC Irvine, Calit2 conf. room 3008 at 4p.m. Free parking and light refreshments will be provided.

Please RSVP to Brittany Gray at We hope to see you there.

Brittany Gray
LifeChips IGERT Program Coordinator
Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility UCI Henry Samueli School of Engineering
2220 Engineering Gateway | Irvine , CA 92697
Phone: (949) 824-8187 | Fax: (949) 824-3732