Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


There is a water leak with the sample chuck. We will let you guys know when its back online.

Jake got the new laser installed and the tool is now ready. Users please check with staff before using.

Jake mentioned that some of you would be interested in a centralized group site where the users can share recipes and discuss processes as well as get updates on equipment. Would us creating a Facebook page or group interest any of you? Let me know. Comment below

  • The CHA Evaporator is back up
  • XeF2 pulse etching back online
  • Jake is in the process of installing & calibrating the new laser in the Gaertner Ellipsometer

We are still looking for volunteers for the Vice Chancellor’s campus wide ”I’m an Anteater” Campaign. 5-6pm time slot is available and will be held in the Arts Bldg. You would just have to bring a fill cleanroom gown and say ”I’m an Anteater”. If you’re interested please contact Ryan for further details.

This is for the Vice Chancellor’s campus wide “I’m an Anteater” Campaign. The shoot will going on most of the day Monday 6/13 and should only take a couple minutes of your time. They would like the volunteer to be dressed in a cleanroom suit and say “I’m an Anteater. That’s all. If you’re interested please contact Ryan for further details.


Jake was able to get the E-beam evap back online.

The e-beam got dumped yesterday, but the operator was not aware it was dumped and ran it for a period of time. Looks like it damaged the cryo head. The cryo head will have to be sent out for repair. We will send out another update with an estimated time frame once we find out.